Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets

We are Buyers and Sellers of Exportable & Importable Goods and Experts in Managing International Trade Risks. We help exporters gain access to new foreign markets and importers to locate sought-after commodities & products.

Exporting & Importing

We specialize in providing solutions & services to both exporters and importers, connecting our clients with global markets.

Exporting Goods

If you are an Exporter (Ultimate Supplier) looking to export your commodities or products

Importing Goods

If you are an Importer (Ultimate Buyer) looking to import commodities or products

International Trade Services

Specializing in international trade consulting, trade agency representation, supply chain management, and trade regulatory compliance.

International Trade Consulting

Import and export consulting services to guide you through the entire trade process.

Trade Agency Representation

Representation for producers, suppliers, manufacturers, and end buyers in the international marketplace.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain solutions designed to optimize efficiency, while managing associated costs.

Trade Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with customs clearance and any applicable international rules and regulations.

International Trade Blog

Insights, Tips, News & Events